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Vulcan Imaging Associates are an excellent sports medicine musculoskeletal group. They provide coverage for all University of Alabama athletics, including the University’s football team on weekends as needed. VIA also provides a fellowship program in musculoskeletal sports medicine where Fellows come to spend one year of extra training in the sub-specialty of sports medicine radiology after completing their radiology degrees and residency. Vulcan Imaging Associates has been instrumental in teaching our orthopedic sports medicine physicians in the different types of radiology and MRI readings needed for expertise in sports medicine. They have also been key in developing a variety of techniques used based on research we have done through ASMI, our research and education component in Birmingham. Their availability and expertise is second to none.

James R. Andrews, MD
Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, founding member
Andrews Research and Education Foundation, President and Chairman of the Board
American Sports Medicine Institute, Chairman of the Board and Medical Director

The radiologists at Vulcan Imaging Associates have been a critical part of my patient care philosophy for the last 18 years. It is a tremendous benefit to have high quality musculoskeletal radiology reads on the studies I order. Vulcan Imaging Associates is organized into subspecialty groups to provide the absolute best possible evaluation of each study which ultimately affects my diagnostic and treatment decisions. In addition, similar to my practice at The Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, VIA physicians are heavily involved in research and education of fellows in the musculoskeletal specialty. They are the absolute best at their specialty and we rely heavily on them to take care of our teams, athletes and patients.”

E. Lyle Cain, Jr., MD
Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center
American Sports Medicine Institute

Upon closure of Carraway Methodist Medical Center in 2007, where I’d practiced hematology/oncology for 20 years with a seemless operation, I was anxious about moving to Brookwood Medical Center to “start over” from A-Z. Our practice demands efficient, excellent quality of care for our patients and families, as most of our patients are fighting for their lives. Results from diagnostic radiology literally tell them whether they are living or dying. We not only expect expert radiologists and quality of service, but also immediate results and communication. I have been totally satisfied with Vulcan Imaging Associates, who have fulfilled every expectation that our group requires. They completely understand and support our process, and have without hesitation provided outstanding service specific to our needs. VIA renders a prompt report of all diagnostic services same day. This allows the patient to be seen and have results enabling treatment decisions immediately. All in one day. VIA radiologists go overboard in allowing my partners and me to interrupt them anytime, to review and discuss studies, results, and cases. Additionally, VIA radiologists without hesitation will review outside studies to help us in providing optimal quality of care even though this is a tremendous burden on them. In summary, I am 100% confident in the quality, efficiency, professionalism, and compassion provided by Vulcan Imaging Associates. I am very fortunate to work with them.

Allen Yielding, MD
Hematology & Oncology Associates of Alabama, LLC

We at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center have enjoyed a wonderful 35 years of service with Vulcan Imaging Associates. While both of our organizations have had a name change during that timeframe, what hasn’t changed has been the service commitment of the radiologists. In fact, their service level has only increased over the years. Today, we enjoy access to state of the art technology, subspecialized interpretations, and interactions with radiologists who are actively involved in the Medical Staff’s functioning – not passive participants. The Medical Staff and administration at Brookwood could not be happier and we look forward with great expectations to the next 35 years with Vulcan Imaging Associates.

Chuck Stark
Past CEO, Brookwood Baptist Medical Center

I have worked with this group of radiologists for over 35 years. They are outstanding both personally and professionally. They are approachable, courteous, compassionate, and above all competent. I trust them to image and read studies on my own family.

Swaid Swaid, MD
President, Neurological Surgery Associates, PC

At St. Vincent’s Birmingham, we have enjoyed a very long standing and productive relationship with Vulcan Imaging Associates. Our partnership dates back many decades and we have enjoyed much success together. Much of our growth and many of our outstanding clinical services are associated with the excellent Radiology services provided.

Evan Ray, FACHE
President, St. Vincent’s Birmingham

Our organization recently found itself in the position of evaluating alternative radiology/imaging service providers. As we examined our options, we desired to obtain a provider with a “partner” mentality to aid in the growth of our imaging services; capable of not just meeting the current need but working proactively to respond to the future. We found such in Vulcan Imaging Associates. From start-up to integration of technologies and ultimately professional interpretations, Vulcan Imaging Associates has demonstrated superior performance, all the while respecting the core objective of timely high quality clinical services with a human touch. There is a renewed excitement within the organization about the future of our imaging services given the level of support and engagement we have received from Vulcan Imaging Associates.”

David W. Fuller
Past CEO – Riverview Regional Medical Center, Gadsden, AL