Our Doctors.

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Elizabeth Allen, Breast Imaging Radiologist

Elizabeth Allen, M.D.

Ellen Blackmon

Ellen B. Blackmon, M.D.

Barrett Cary

Barrett P. Cary, M.D.

Chief of Radiology, Riverview Medical Center

Haley Clark

Haley Clark, M.D.

Dr. Jim Coleman, Emergency Radiologist

James Coleman, MD

Brittany Hermecz, MD

Brittany Hermecz, MD

Dr Robert Hines, Breast Imaging, Body Imaging, and Interventional Radiologist

Robert Hines IV, MD

Greg Jackson

Gregory D. Jackson, M.D.

Trevor Lundstrom

Trevor A. Lundstrom, M.D.

Chief of Radiology, St. Vincent’s Birmingham

Julia Morris, Breast Imaging Radiologist

Julia Morris, M.D.

Mathieu Nader

Mathieu Nader, M.D.

Chief of Radiology, Russell Medical

Allen Oser

Allen B. Oser, M.D.

Banks Petrey, Musculoskeletal and Body Imaging Radiologist

W. Banks Petrey, MD

Caroline Reich, Breast Imaging Radiologist

Caroline Reich, M.D.

Harry Rosenthal

Harry B. Rosenthal, III, M.D.

Michael Ruff

M. Brant Ruff, M.D.

Jill Rutherford

Jill A. Rutherford, M.D.

Arthur Sandy

Arthur D. Sandy, M.D.

Vice President, Vulcan Imaging Associates

Stuart Siegal

Stuart L. Siegal, M.D.

Chief of Radiology, Brookwood Baptist Health

Nick Silvester, MD, Vulcan Imaging Associates Radiologist

Nick Silvester, DO

Sandy Sullivan

Edward A. Sullivan, III, M.D.

President, Vulcan Imaging Associates

Robert Thomas

Robert H. Thomas, M.D.

Dean Thornton

D. Dean Thornton, M.D.

Director of Quality and Safety, Vulcan Imaging Associates

Clint Waggoner

Clint R. Waggoner, M.D.

Jon Walter

Jonathan W. Walter, M.D.

Director of Business Development, VIA & Chief of Radiology, Southern Regional Medical Center

Shane Wear

Shane A. Wear, M.D.

Dr Andrew Salamone, Radiologist

Andrew Salamone, MD

Dr Hunter Vanderberg, Radiologist

Hunter Vanderberg, MD

Dr Justin Watts, Radiologist

Justin Watts, MD