VIA announces partnership with Russell Medical in Alexander City

Aug 10, 2018

BIRMINGHAM – Vulcan Imaging Associates recently added to both its staff and its network by partnering with Russell Medical Center in Alexander City, AL. Drs. Jake Burton and Matheiu Nader will continue to provide the same great care they have to the patients at Russell Medical; however, they will now do so as members of the Vulcan Imaging team of radiologists available to provide final reads for patients throughout the Vulcan Imaging footprint. “They will be joining us in September,” says Vulcan Imaging CEO Eric Blackman. “We’re proud to strengthen our staff with two truly talented physicians. Drs. Burton and Nader bring great value to our practice.”

For patients at Russell, the move will be seamless and change will likely go unnoticed. Behind the scenes, Alexander City patients will enjoy a new level of care in their radiology services. “During the day, they’ll have the same radiology team they’ve always had, only now 23 other doctors will be available for backup and to help finish the work faster than ever,” says Blackman. “Russell Medical Center will soon have final subspecialty specific radiology reads day and night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No more preliminary reports—FINAL reports available to doctors and patients as fast or faster than offered by much larger groups across the entire nation, all done locally.”

About Vulcan Imaging Associates (VIA):

Vulcan Imaging Associates is arguably Alabama’s oldest radiology group, founded over 100 years ago in 1917. Today, the group provides a full range of radiology services and serves many locations in Alabama and Georgia, including St. Vincent’s Birmingham, Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, UAB Hospital, Gadsden Riverview Regional Medical Center, and Russell Medical Center in Alexander City, as well as multiple imaging centers and physician offices.