Vulcan Imaging Associates announces partnership with Digirad

Jul 17, 2017

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Vulcan Imaging Associates takes over all Digirad contracts in Alabama in new partnership

BIRMINGHAM – Birmingham-based Vulcan Imaging Associates has partnered with Digirad to take over all Alabama contracts.  A national mobile imaging service, Digirad offers radiological services to smaller practices throughout the United States.  “They might come into an office, say once a week, with all their own machines and staff, unload their equipment, and do exams all day,” explains Dr. Jonathan Walter, a Vulcan Imaging Associates partner. “They can offer services ranging from ultrasound to nuclear cardiology, but they have to have a doctor to read the exams—that’s where VIA comes in.”  As one of very few radiology groups in Alabama and the United States offering 24/7 final reads, proven short turn-around-times, and performing subspecialty-specific reads, Vulcan Imaging Associates brings new benefits for Digirad patients and doctors.  “Most groups do preliminary reads and they can take a long time,” says Dr. Walter. “A final read from VIA gives you a comprehensive interpretation of your test, especially if the patient has a serious issue going on, and you have an answer typically in 2 hours or less.”

At VIA, over 70 percent of radiologists are fellowship-training. That extra 1-2 years of specialized work can be critical when it comes to getting accurate reads.

About Vulcan Imaging Associates (VIA)

Vulcan Imaging Associates can trace its roots back to 1917 when Dr. James Meadows established the group at what is now St. Vincent’s Birmingham.  Today, the group provides a full range of radiology services, some of which are rarely seen outside of large university centers.

Vulcan Imaging Associates service 15 locations, including St. Vincent’s Birmingham, Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, Riverview Regional Medical Center, multiple imaging centers, and physician offices.